Inquiries and reviews

Risk of harm inquiries and serious further offence reviews

We have carried out ad hoc independent reviews of Serious Further Offence cases – i.e. cases where an offender under probation or YOT supervision commits a serious further offence – at the request of Ministers.

In particular, during the course of 2005/2006 we carried out three independent reviews of SFO cases, each of which attracted considerable publicity:

Peter Williams, supervised by Nottingham City Youth Offending Team (PDF, 227.09 kB) published in September 2005

Damien Hanson and Elliot White, supervised by London Probation Area (PDF, 363.99 kB) published in February 2006

Anthony Rice, supervised by Hampshire Probation Area (PDF, 453.16 kB) published in May 2006

We also provide advice to NOMS HQ on the handling of their reviews of SFO cases.

We also carry out other Risk of Harm inquiries relating to particular cases.