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Please click the links below for further information on each of our programmes for inspecting the work of those who manage offenders, both in the community and custody.


Inspection of Adult Offending Work

The Inspection of Adult Offending Work (IAOW) is our current programme, which started in April 2013.


Prison Offender Management Inspections (POMI 3)

Our programme for inspections looking at the management of offenders in prisons. We work with HM Inspectorate of Prisons on this programme.


Inspecting outside England and Wales

From time to time, at the invitation of the relevant authority, HMI Probation carries out an inspection of probation work outside England & Wales.
Reports of our inspections outside England and Wales


Previous inspection programme – adults

Our previous Offender Management Inspection (OMI and OMI 2), Effective Supervision Inspection (ESI), Performance Inspection Programme (PIP), Supporting People Inspections and Joint Criminal Justice Area Inspections.