UK's National Preventive Mechanism publishes seventh annual report 2015-16

HM Inspectorate of Prisons is one of 21 organisations that make up the UK’s National Preventive Mechanism and coordinates the NPM work of all members.

Published on 13 January 2017, the UK NPM 2015-16 annual report (3.33 MB) highlights member-specific developments, summarises this year’s joint and thematic projects, and provides updates on conditions and legislation across all UK detention settings.

Alongside the report, we publish the Detention Population Data Mapping Project (58.36 kB), which is a collection of detention population data from the year. As part of OPCAT it is a requirement for NPMs to have access to all information concerning the number of persons deprived of liberty in places of detention. The NPM has for the first time collated all available data on population numbers across every detention setting in the UK, with an aim to highlight both what we know and what we don’t.