The College of Policing and the IPCC

The College of Policing, HMIC and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have complementary statutory purposes and different powers by which those purposes are to be achieved. Our three organisations are collectively engaged in promoting and monitoring best practice and continuous improvement in policing, in order to ensure public confidence.

The College of Policing is the statutory body responsible for setting standards for policing. HMIC and the IPCC are the two independent statutory bodies charged with oversight of the police in England and Wales.

A concordat has been agreed between our three organisations setting out common understanding and approaches of each organisation in relation to each other, their roles and responsibilities, and in relation to our other activities.

Through the agreement, HMIC, the IPCC and the College of Policing commit to work constructively and effectively together by:

  • regularly consulting one another on areas of mutual interest;
  • sharing information and analysis as appropriate to promote timely, well-informed decision-making, to assist the planning and prioritisation of work;
  • ensuring the data collection and inspection regimes for police forces minimise unnecessary bureaucracy and are the minimum necessary to meet the objective;
  • promoting clarity over their roles and responsibilities, recognising their separate, discrete and complementary jurisdictions; and
  • developing efficient working relationships between the three organisations.

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Concordat between the College of Policing, HMIC and the IPCC