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This inspection looks at how effective police forces are at cutting crime. The public expects the police to reduce, prevent and investigate crime, bring suspects to justice and, with other services and agencies, care for victims. Victims are at the heart of this inspection and are entitled to a service from the police. This service includes regular information about their case as well as the opportunity to provide an impact statement and have their say on potential criminal justice outcomes.

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The Police Act 1996, requires Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary to report each year on his assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of policing in England and Wales. The assessment covers the full breadth of policing work inspected by HMIC throughout 2012/13, and an overview of police forces in England and Wales.

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This inspection was designed to focus on the arrangements in place to ensure those working in police forces act with integrity.

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Summary This document responds to points raised about the PEEL (police effectiveness, efficiency and legitimacy) 2014 assessments during the consultation we have conducted since the Home Secretary’s commission in November 2013. This includes responses to paragraphs 62-68 of the formal public consultation we ran over summer 2014 (see Annex A) on the proposed approach for

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Summary In its 2013/14 inspection programme, approved by the Home Secretary under section 54 of the Police Act 1996, HMIC committed to carry out an inspection into the way the 43 police forces in England and Wales record crime data. HMIC examined and assessed the integrity of crime data in each force. We focused our

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On 6 March 2014, the Home Secretary asked HMIC to examine each force’s anti-corruption capability. The inspection aims to: ensure the police service becomes more transparent in its business; set out clearer rules for how officers should conduct themselves; and ensure that officers who do wrong are investigated and punished. Get the terms of reference

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In September 2013, we inspected 18 forces as part of our three-year programme to examine the arrangements that forces have in place to meet the strategic policing requirement. These reports set out what we found.

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The Value for money (VfM) profiles provide comparative data on a wide range of policing activities. For instance: does your force spend more or less than other similar forces? Does it receive fewer or more 999 calls? How does the crime rate differ from other force areas?

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Summary Protecting children is one of the most important tasks the police undertake. Only the police can investigate suspected crimes, arrest perpetrators and monitor sex offenders. Police officers have the power to take a child who is in danger into a place of safety, or to seek an order to restrict an offender’s contact with

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Summary In June 2013, the Home Secretary commissioned HMIC to inspect the effectiveness of the arrangements in place in all police forces to carry out, manage and scrutinise undercover operations. Our inspection was to include all regional and national policing units, and the National Crime Agency. This was not an inquiry into the past events