Value for money inspections

Policing in Austerity: Rising to the Challenge

In the October 2010 spending review, the Government announced that central funding to the police service in England and Wales would be reduced in real terms by 20% in the four years between March 2011 and March 2015.

HMIC’s Valuing the Police Programme has tracked how forces have planned to make savings to meet this budget reduction, and published findings in July 2011 and June 2012. This report explains, analyses and makes recommendations in relation to what we found as we enter the third year of the spending review period.

Read ‘Policing in Austerity: Rising to the Challenge’ – published 18 July 2013

Policing in austerity: One year on

In October 2010, the Government announced that the central funding provided to the police service would reduce by 20% in the four years between March 2011 and March 2015.

We carried out an inspection of all 43 police forces in England and Wales in Spring 2011, to see how they were planning to meet this financial challenge. When the results were published in July 2011, we committed to returning one year later to report on progress, and to assess whether there had been any impact on the service provided to the public.

Read ‘Policing in austerity’ – published 02 July 2012

Adapting to Austerity – A review of police force and authority preparedness for the 2011/12 – 14/15 CSR period

In Spring 2011, HMIC carried out an inspection into the preparedness of forces and authorities across England and Wales to make savings over the four years of the comprehensive spending review period.

This review incorporates our inspection findings, and provides an independent commentary on the estimated scale of challenge, and how (at this stage) forces and authorities plan to meet it.

Read ‘Adapting to Austerity’ – published 21 July 2011

Demanding Times – The front line and police visibility

This report defined the police front line, and revealed the percentage of police available to the public.

Correction: June 2011

Please note that the chart on page 29 of this report has been replaced since first publication (30 March 2011) to correct an error in the positioning of North Wales Police.

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Valuing the Police – Policing in an age of austerity

HMIC’s report, ‘Valuing the Police’ shows that only 11% of the police are visibly available to the public, despite year-on-year increases to budgets for the last 40 years. HMIC warns that with looming budget cuts, the availability of the police to the public will be even further reduced, unless there is a total redesign of the police.

Read ‘Valuing the Police’ – published 20 July 2010