PEEL assessments data

This section contains data from HMIC’s PEEL assessments.


Legitimacy data

Police legitimacy 2016 data (Open data spreadsheet)

Please note: Devon and Cornwall’s workforce grievance data (cells J16 and J17) corrected on 5 January 2017.

Efficiency data

Police efficiency 2016 data (Open data spreadsheet)

Please note: Staffordshire’s reserves data (cell AI62) corrected on 22 November 2016.


Legitimacy data

Police legitimacy 2015 data (Open data spreadsheet)

Effectiveness data

Police effectiveness 2015 data (Open data spreadsheet)


2015 vulnerability inspection data (Open data spreadsheet)

Efficiency data

Police efficiency 2015 data (Open data spreadsheet)

Ipsos MORI public survey

Ipsos MORI public survey of views and experiences of local police

Public survey data file (Open data spreadsheet)