HMIC associate scheme - Deputy Portfolio Director: specialist inspections

HMIC is recruiting a deputy director for our Specialist Inspections Portfolio. This portfolio includes inspections in the following areas: counter terrorism policing; the National Crime Agency; armed forces police; Ministry of Defence Police; Civil Nuclear Constabulary; HM Revenue and Customs; Police Service of Northern Ireland; British Transport Police; and police forces of the British Overseas Territories. Also, we advise the Home Office on applications made by police forces for additional funds for specific policing events (known as special grants), and we monitor the use of the Police National Computer and Police National Database by various police forces and other organisations.

About HMIC

HMIC’s purpose is to promote improvements in policing to make everyone safer. Our values are: Honesty; Integrity; Fairness; Independence; and Respect. For those who share them, working at HMIC provides an opportunity to make a real difference to the quality of the service of the police and the lives of the people they serve.

HMIC is independent of both the government and the police service. We produce major reports – widely covered by the media – which shine a bright light on issues at the very heart of policing, and of very great importance to the public and their safety.

HMIC is a rewarding place to work. We set ourselves high standards, taking great pride in the quality of the work we achieve and the opportunities we create for our staff.

Job description

You will support the portfolio director by deputising on their behalf across the Specialist Inspections Portfolio, in accordance with HMIC’s standard processes and the inspection methodology.

Key responsibilities

The Deputy Portfolio Director will:

  • work effectively across the organisation, with other Portfolio Directors, DPDs and senior HMIC staff as an integrated team, to meet the organisational purpose, objectives and HMIC’s annual programme of inspections and to embed organisational changes in an efficient and effective way
  • in conjunction with the central HMIC teams, be responsible for producing and gaining HMIC Board approval of an inspection Portfolio Overview Document
  • develop a sound inspection methodology, on behalf of the Portfolio Director for agreement by the SRO and HMIC Board
  • work effectively with Research & Development team to ensure that the inspection methodology and approach is sound, consistent and corporate in approach and is signed off by Head of R&D, SRO and agreed by the HMIC Board
  • lead discussion on their inspection methodology and delivery with a wide range of external partners and provide a sound evidence base which stands up to external scrutiny and challenge
  • ensure that HMIC’s existing evidence base, previous HMIC inspections, lessons learned and HMIC knowledge (stored information and specialist knowledge) are used in the development of inspections
  • commission and agree a detailed inspection and resource plan, within budget, for successful delivery of their inspections with HMIC central teams
  • monitor fieldwork deployment to ensure that inspections are appropriately resourced, including skills and availability
  • be responsible for the delivery of the inspection fieldwork across all forces on time and to budget
  • be responsible for analysing the inspection findings, coordinate the moderation process and provide authoritative and credible conclusions about national policing
  • be responsible for preparing the thematic reports, including the analysis of themes, report drafting and approval
  • complete a robust lessons learned exercise at the end of the inspection, ensuring that this feeds into HMIC learning
  • ensure that clear well-evidenced reports with sound recommendations, which are easily understood by the public and policing stakeholders are drafted, quality assured and approved
  • use the inspections and recommendations process to promote improvements in policing for the public.

Competency requirements

Substantial experience of strategic leadership in policing and inspections of specialist law enforcement are essential. You must hold developed vetting.

The successful candidate will need to demonstrate their capabilities to a high standard against the Civil Service Competency Framework and the personal qualities outlined below. For details of the competencies required, please see the Civil Service Competency Framework.

You should submit:

  • a CV
  • a statement of suitability, providing evidence of the four competencies below. You should not write more 250 words for each competency example.
  • a short application form (download the application form below))

Applications will be assessed against the core competency framework indicators at Grade 6 level. Consideration will also be given to experience and skills.

Essential criteria must be met.


  • Seeing the bigger picture
  • Collaborating and partnering
  • Making effective decisions
  • Leading and Communicating


The daily rate for this post is between £265 and £300. Tax and National Insurance will be deducted at source.

Once on HMIC’s associate register, individuals will be allocated short-term fixed-term appointment contracts dependent on:

  • business need;
  • level of role and leadership required;
  • match with the skills required; and
  • the experience and capability of individuals selected to the associate register.

The successful candidate must pass security clearance and any offers made will be based on the condition that he or she subsequently passes the clearance process.

Get the application form

Download the application form

Applications must be returned to by 5pm on Monday 5 June 2017.

Download the Civil Service Code

Download the conditions of employment

For further information about the HMIC associate scheme, please see the associate scheme page.

Equal Opportunities

HMIC welcomes applications from all staffing groups.

We offer a guaranteed interview scheme for anyone with a disability as defined in the Equality Act 2010, subject to meeting the minimum criteria for the post.

We encourage a diverse workforce and aim to provide a working environment where all staff at all levels are valued and respected, and where discrimination, bullying, promotion of negative stereotyping and harassment are not tolerated.

We will not discriminate on grounds of gender, gender identity, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief, age, those with caring responsibilities, part-time workers or any other factor irrelevant to a person’s work.

We are committed to providing all staff with opportunities to maximise their skills and achieve their potential.